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Having productive social media presence matters

Many small businesses plunge into social media for customer acquisition / retention as marketing strategy. But the common mistake committed by the small businesses is that their websites have postings that are either links or deals. Even though, their aim is to propagate about their business matters, those business matters interfaced with more engaging and interesting inputs are far more effective.

Once a customer or prospect starts following you on the social media sites, they do so because they have liked your postings and are welcoming you into their social media circle. The onus is on you to make your updates more interesting and imaginative to get more followers and to keep the present ones engaged. If your posts are liked and found engaging and interesting, the present customers/clients are sure to re-tweet those posts hence exposing you to more prospects. Overall, your company gains more publicity.

The content of your posts is what makes your social media outing a success or failure. Just rolling out technical stories or just mundane everyday routine is not going to engage you. What really is required is sharing your personal triumphs and struggles in connection with your business. This glimpse of your human side gives the reader an idea about what is behind the organizational appearance and remains relevant to the topic at the same time. The human element can also be obtained by sharing your personal observations related to your business or market to which your customers can easily relate to. The level of positive communication must be maintained through continuous flow of conversation with your followers through updates and ready responses to either queries or even an acknowledgement. These above pointers are sure to make way for a productive social media presence.

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